Book Review: Inferno by Dan Brown

The fourth of Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon fiction, Inferno follows Langdon on an adventure that takes him from Florence to Venice.  However, this time, instead of just figuring out riddles left behind by a crazy scientist, Langdon must also put together the pieces of 36 hours of lost memory.  Centering around the tales of Dante’s epic poem Inferno, Langdon must once again save the world from impending doom.

My favorite part of this Langdon adventure is he doesn’t immediately have all the answers.  While loyalty and trust are always themes in Brown’s novels, this one is unique in Langdon interacting with people he has no recollection meeting.  His puzzle pieces consist primarily of what he’s being told by those around him.  The twist at the end is superb!

I still would not rank this one above Angels and Demons or The Da Vinci Code.  However, it is a must read.  Get it here.

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