About Jen

Hank and Jen Lawrence

There are three things I know to be true…

  1. Life should be felt, decorated, celebrated, tasted, explored and appreciated.
  2. Leaving your mark on the world can be done in small though significant ways.
  3. “Today” is an appropriate occasion for champagne and balloons.

Living in the sunny state of Arizona, I keep myself busy with my two vastly difference businesses (here and here) and a house full of boys – my amazing husband Hank, sons Cameron and Tyler, and dog Jax.

Overflowing with pop culture references and a sentimental heart ready to burst, I’m the type of mom who is simply seeking to find harmony between all the roles I play in a given day. Our household is centered on kindness and humor, laced with a bit of foul language and punk music. We’re just getting through it all in the best, most memorable way we can.

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