"Boo" No Carve Pumpkin Using Paint Pen and Rhinestones

Usually, I’m a strict traditionalist when it comes to Halloween pumpkins.  However, this year, I couldn’t resist having a little fun with no-carve pumpkins.  Especially since Michaels Stores came out with this adorable Boo Pumpkin Bling sticker.  With adhesive already on the back to keep the rhinestones perfectly in place, getting a #GlamGourd is as easy as peel and stick.  Who doesn’t love that?!

By the way, I’m now of the opinion that #GlamGourd is a grossly underutilized hashtag in the social media world.

You will also need…

1.  Remove the sticker set from the packaging and cut around all three letters.  Each “BOO” letter has its own adhesive backing.

2. Lay sticker on pumpkin and trace with pencil around the edge.

3.  Now for the paint pen!  Trace over pencil outline with paint pen and fill in shape.  Because I was placing the “BOO” bling over the silver shape and it’s Halloween, I didn’t worry about the paint being perfect.  In fact, I created a few imperfections to make it a little creepier.

Allow paint to dry.

4.  After paint has completely dried, it’s time to place the “BOO” bling.  Peel off stickers from the plastic backing and position.  Be sure to push down around all the rhinestones so they fit the shape of the pumpkin.  Isn’t it cute?!

5.  Because I can’t leave anything well enough alone, I decided to add a few more touches with my paint pen.  Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot…

Remember to allow sufficient drying time for the pumpkin and BAM!  In under 15 minutes, you have a #GlamGourd.


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