Put Together the Perfect Guest Basket

Every year, millions of people travel to the homes of family and friends for the holidays. While guests are just happy to be in the comforting presence of those close to them, there’s always a little more you can do to make your guests feel at home.
Put together a small guest basket of items your guest may need whether because they forget it or feel a little awkward asking for it, especially if it’s needed in the middle of the night, like water or a snack. It’s as easy as raiding the samples aisle of your local drug store or Target. For a mere $10-15 you can make your guests feel right at home.



Here’s what to include:
1. Magazines or Reading Material
2. A Box of Kleenex
3. Bottle of Water and a Snack
4. Chapstick … because who knows when you’ll lose yours
5. Various Toiletries … shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, etc
6. WiFi Password
7. Remote
8. Black Wash Cloth … Why? If your guest is female, she will appreciate not ruining white or lightly colored face towels when taking off her makeup.  
 What other items would you include?

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