Tales from the Theatre :: There’s What in the Hatcheck?

During my college years, I worked at a popular Broadway-touring theatre. Working over 60 shows and thousands of hours, I naturally collected a few colorful stories that I documented on an old blog. I recently uncovered this blog and am sharing the stories in all their glory here. Like all college students, I was a bit snarkier and self-righteous in those days so be prepared for a different flavor of Jen. Enjoy!


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Claim Check #459: Baby
February 19, 2009

Last night I acted as House Manager for a symphony show and was presented with a truly unique situation.

A baby was checked at the hatcheck. Yup, a baby. The parents checked the stroller and much to the surprise of the hatcheck assistant they left their baby in it. The hatcheck assistant didn’t notice the small baby all bundled in white until the stroller started to cry. The two individuals working in that area couldn’t remember what the parents looked like so they couldn’t go get them… so what did they do? They babysat the kid. She cried… they strolled her around. Since when do we provide a babysitting service?!

Intermission came, the family grabbed the stroller, fed the baby, rolled it around. As intermission ended they started to roll the stroller over to the hatcheck and before we could comment to them “Sorry you can’t leave your child here”… in very broken English they bolted away from the stroller yelling “Thank you…. one song more…” We went inside to find the parents that were lost in the crowd, gave up… continued caring for the baby. Once the piece was over, they came out, grabbed the stroller and left. As if it was the most natural thing to check your child.

So bizarre…

Probably should have called DPS.


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