Wedding Scrapbook

Was putting together a wedding scrapbook necessary? No.
Do I even like scrapbooking? No.
Did I inexplicably hoard items from our wedding in dreams of a scrapbook anyway? Yes.

Six months after our big day and the wedding scrapbook is finally done.

We handmade a lot of items for our wedding (I mean, look at this list!) and I wanted to keep mementos of everything we made for posterity or whatever. Maybe I’m just a hoarder. Who knows. All I know is I had a lot of pretty items for the wedding and I wanted to continue to revel in all the shiny gold things!

The scrapbook I used is from Michaels and has the best array of pages: blank white pages, blank craft pages, plastic dividers, thick cardstock pockets, and photo album pages. Using mostly photo mounting squares and washy tape, I filled the scrapbook with all the beautiful pieces of our wedding.

First and foremost, I placed our unused cake topper on the cover for decoration. We had planned to have a ceremonial cake to cut while serving our guests cannolis and s’mores. The cake would just be something small we picked up at the grocery store the day before and bam! We’d fulfill a joyous wedding tradition. However, the cake topper didn’t show up on time for the wedding and honestly, that was enough for me to scrap the whole cake cutting thing. I mean, without the glaring Star Wars reference, is the cake really worth it? Instead, the topper now makes the perfect cover for our scrapbook. Destiny!

Then I filled the pages. Items that I’m certain my future children will be happy I saved to share with them are:

  • Funny or Sweet RSVP Response Cards
  • The Paper Goods (Save the Date, Invite, Menus, etc)
  • Souvenir Photo of me with Drag Queens from my Bachelorette Party
  • Our Wedding Vows (the actual cards we read off of)
  • The Ceremony Script
  • Our Wedding Favors – Bookmarks from St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
  • Cards from the Bridal Shower and Wedding

Why wouldn’t I want to keep this adorable Cinderella card?

And then there’s my novel-length vows. They have to keep me honest for the rest of my life and make sure I always take Hank on The Little Mermaid ride at Disneyland every time we go. Ha!

While I was able to shrink down a box worth of stuff into one book, said book does not actually close now. Hopefully over time things will get flat and the book will close, but for now, it’s just hanging out on my bookshelf under the weight of other books. I guess, we could call this condensed hoarding. Beautiful condensed hoarding.

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