7 Motivational Quotes to Start the Week

Happy Sunday! This past week was a tough one for me. We all have our rough patches, and I do my best not to let mine weigh me down too much. But this week affected me differently. I’ve been struggling to shake my funk and focus on what I can control. That always seems to be where I can find happiness and balance – focusing on what I can control. I finally got there this afternoon and I’m feeling back on the ball. Truthfully, what got me there was scrolling through some of my favorite motivational quotes on Pinterest. Do you ever revisit those? I know you all pin them, but do you look back? Below are seven of my favorites. Hopefully, one will speak to you as well.








Have an awesome week, everyone!

**Many of my Pinterest links are dead. If one quote is yours and you’d like credit, simply send me a note. I’m happy to add an active link.

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