Best Way to Organize Scrapbook Paper

Upon moving into our new home, I realized that my paper organization habits were not great. Like all Cricut owners, over time, I had amassed quite the collection of cardstock and other scrapbook papers. Oh, a pack of various colored paper on sale at Michaels for only $5? Don’t mind if I do!

That’s not to say this paper isn’t useful. Of course, it is! The true issue lies in where to put all of it that ticks off the right requirements:

  1. Accessible
  2. Organized
  3. Protected from the “Elements”

To be clear, “elements” includes me accidentally bending the corners of a stack due to lack of attention.

Enter the solution of all solutions… a filing cabinet.

We invested in this gorgeous filing cabinet from Wayfair and I dreamed of making the ultimate storage solution for all of my paper needs. And clearly, I needed it.

This… was only half the stack of paper I have.

First thing was first. I organized my paper into color families. I love the color spectrum as much as the next person – but no, I did not order the paper beyond its basic color category. Reds, pinks, oranges. That was enough for me.

The only supply needed to bring this dream to life was a set of hanging file folders. Because I am that neurotic, I purchased a set of 25 black Smead hanging folders – only about $15 on Amazon.

Plop the paper right into the hanging folders and you have a beautiful rainbow of projects waiting to be made.

Plus I think the black folders make all the difference. Don’t you?

The trick is to not overwhelm the folders. If the folders are starting to buckle or the paper is starting to fold weirdly, there’s too much paper.

And what did I do with the other drawers in the cabinet?

I’m so glad you asked! One drawer for vinyl and one drawer for iron-on material. The bottom drawer is actually used for – wait for it – actual filing. We try to be as paper-free in our house as possible, but some hardcopies are unavoidable.

You’re probably curious what I do with 12″ x 12″ sheets of paper. If you look back to the first picture of the filing cabinet, I have plastic bins that I have since reused to hold my 12″ x 12″ paper. I don’t use that size often and therefore, have a very limited supply. One box has holiday paper and the other has solid colors. Done and done.

Now to get to work on all my dream paper projects!

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