Pregnancy – Week 37

Week… 37

Baby is the size of… a Winter Melon (aka a wax gourd… which I still don’t know what that is)

Highlight of the Week… We had our first weekly check-in with my doctor to see if there’s any progress. Good news all around! Baby is in birthing position and officially dropped into my pelvis. I am dilating and my body is showing all the right signs preparing for birth.

The best moment was knowing that baby had dropped. I woke up one morning and was suddenly able to climb the stairs in our house without getting winded. I realized something was different on the way to work when I was able to belt out a song in the car without having to cut notes short. Being able to actually push down on the top of my belly and visually see how much baby had shifted downward was crazy! You can see it really clearly in the picture at the end of this post.

Frustration of the Week… I don’t know that I have a clear frustration this week. I’m still in a lot of pain but knowing that my body is getting ready for birth makes the discomfort more justified. I’m wrapping up stuff at work, which has been productive but stressful. All around I would say the biggest frustration is trying to go about business as usual when mentally, I’m somewhere else and physically, I’m getting more and more restricted every day.

Eating a lot of… Greek yogurt with honey and granola or Rocky Road Ice Cream.

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… Hubs has officially gone into boss mode, ensuring I don’t over exert myself. More than once, I’ve walked in the door to lunch made (I’m working half days) and the couch all set up for me to elevate my feet, complete with ice packs. He’s been remarkable at putting my comfort first, often anticipating what I need before I have the opportunity to ask for it and handling household stuff before I have the delusion that I can handle it myself. He’s truly the best.

A Tidbit… Here’s a picture of our dog Jax trying to hatch his human. You can see how far down baby has shifted. Jax comfortably fit in that area on my torso – didn’t hurt a bit.


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