7 Home Projects on My List

I’m sure you know how this goes. You live in your space for a while and suddenly you hate the paint color of your living room or you want to redo the kitchen cabinets. Maybe you want to remove a wall (ambitious but you do you). Little things about your home start to get on your nerves or show different potential.

We’ve lived in our home for about six months and have started to get a little squirrely. Our house is actually really great and we only want to make a few cosmetic changes. However, my husband hates painting and being pregnant, I had to limit my exposure to paint fumes. Now, with an extensive maternity leave looming, I’ve started to dream up small home projects I’d like to complete in the coming months. 

  1. Paint Built-In Entertainment Center – We have a large stained wood entertainment center built-in to our living room. When we first bought the house, we thought we’d rip it out, but it has since grown on us. However, the brown color makes the room a little darker and smaller than we’d like, so in an attempt to brighten everything, I want to paint it white.
  2. Spray Painting Door Handles – I did this once upon a time ago with another house and loved the results. We have gold door handles and we just aren’t fans of them. I love this project because it’s fast, inexpensive, and yields a huge impact on the house.
  3. Paint Bathroom Cabinets – All our bathrooms have the 90’s builder’s grade cabinets. Instead of staining, as I’ve done in the past, we want to paint them light colors. We’re still debating on which colors though, so we’ll see how creative we get!
  4. Paint Guest Bathroom – My husband painted our guest bathroom right after we moved in and we both ended up hating the color. We’d like to do something a little more fun and have opted to do a green. (Did you catch the Instagram post of the paint chips? Still makes me laugh!)
  5. Refinish Bathroom Accessories – In all our bathrooms, the towel bars, toilet paper holders, and even hand towels holders have paint splatter all over them from the careless painting by owners passed. I’d like to attempt to clean off the paint but if that doesn’t work I’m open to trying to refinish them with spray paint. (I’m a fan of spray paint – can you tell?!)
  6. Create Backyard Garden – I’ve started some seedlings this summer and need to transplant them. We already have all the planter boxes and potting soil. I just need to get out there to put everything together. Plus, we need to pick out a few bushes to add a little color to our backyard.
  7. Hang Market Lights on Back Patio – Talk about a 15-minute task! We bought cute market lights on discount at Home Depot months ago and just need to hang them on the patio. It’s actually kind of surprising we haven’t finished it yet but I’d like to get it done before we start enjoying the cooler desert fall evenings.

Psst… expect blog posts to be born out of these! Let me know ahead of time if you have any questions or tips for these projects. I’d love to hear them.

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