The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Tree

A few years ago, we accidentally made a Halloween Tree. How? Well… why not pop over the blog post for that little story.

This year, we have intentionally made a Halloween tree but have taken it up a notch!

It all started with a little disagreement.


Is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” a Halloween or Christmas movie? 

To be clear, there’s a real, definitive answer to this question.

In our home, instead of perpetually fighting about when our Nightmare Before Christmas memorabilia makes its appearance, we decided… it’s both. And to properly honor this glorious movie, we have created a Nightmare Tree that is on display from Halloween to Christmas.

Right now, the Halloween version is on display, with all the pumpkins for the Pumpkin King.

For Christmas, the decorations will pivot to be more seasonally accurate. Keep an eye out for that update in a few months!

In the meantime…

This is Halloween!
This is Halloween!

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Lawrence Made TNBC Halloween Tree

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