DIY Dead and Breakfast Room Keys Sign

Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Lawrence Dead & Breakfast Inn, where we always have room for spirited souls. Be sure to check in at the front desk, and we hope you rest in peace. Remember, tea time and the hauntings are always free.

Lawrence Made Dead and Breakfast Room Keys

We’re bringing our Dead and Breakfast theme back to life with a few ghoulishly fun projects. Did you see our Dead & Breakfast Inn sign?

Oh, you did? Great. Let’s get you checked in and you’ll be sleeping like the dead in no time. 


  • Wood Board
  • Paint and Paint Brushes
  • Stencil
  • C-Hooks (used: C-hooks, Amazon)
  • Wood Tags
  • Vintage Keys and Key Rings (used: vintage keys, key rings, Amazon)
  • Spray Acrylic Sealant
  • Saw-Tooth Picture Hook

1. Gather your materials. If you would like, prep your wood by sanding. I chose not to sand my wood board because the rough, aged look is better for Halloween, but do you!

2. Paint your board. I watered down the black paint a little to make the application uneven, making it appear more weathered and aged.

3. Paint the wood tags, both sides. Allow to dry.

4. Figure out the layout and mark the c-hook locations on the board. Use keys, tags, and estimated stencil height to determine the location of where the c-hooks are needed.

5. Get creative and paint, paint, paint. I used white as the base color for the numbers and words on both the key tags and board. Then layered gold on the board and black on the key tags.

6. Protect your work with acrylic spray. Apply in a well-ventilated area and allow to completely dry. Don’t touch – acrylic spray is very sticky when wet.

Oooh, look at me getting fancy with the “Room Keys” title. I did a faux marbling technique on the words to make them appear more aged.

I also applied the acrylic sealer to the board when I finished painting.

7. Put key tags together. This was a bit frustrating for me because I didn’t realize how far into the tag the holes were drilled. I had to use pliers to pry the key rings open so the wood tags could slide on. In the end, the room keys looked more used so it worked out.

8. After the board has fully dried, screw in the c-hooks to their proper location and attach the saw-tooth picture hook to the back. Add keys and hang!

Who wants to be the first guest? We’re just dying to meet you!

Happy Haunting!

Jen LM Sign Off

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Lawrence Made Dead and Breakfast Room Keys

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