Hot Chocolate Station

“I only drink hot chocolate in months with an ‘r’ in them. What’s life without a little whimsy.” – Dr. Sheldon Cooper

During the cooler months, we drink a LOT of hot chocolate. When I say a “lot”, I mean, the amount may actually compromise our health a little. But it’s sooo good.

We also don’t mess around when it comes to the hot chocolate fixings. Don’t even think of suggesting that we just heat up some water and add the packet of powdered mix. Oh, no no no. That’s blasphemy in this house.

Hot chocolate in this house requires the works…
Whipped Cream!
Chocolate syrup!
Sugar hiiiiiiigh!

All this hoity-toity hot chocolate making can be a bit cumbersome, so to make it easier, we created a hot chocolate station. And in the spirit of “easier”, we didn’t create anything crazy or expensive.

With a few glass jars and serving tray from IKEA, we quickly put together a gathering place for all our delicious goodies. Gone are the days of digging through our spice cabinet for the nutmeg and cinnamon and wondering if we have enough marshmallows left. Everything is now at our fingertips and I really love the way it all looks together on my kitchen island. A little festive but useful decoration.

Now tell me… because I need to know…

What is your secret hot chocolate ingredient?

We’re always open to new recipes! Share, share away!

Stay warm, friends.

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