How to Roll Your Sleeves

Recently, I switched “real person” jobs from a semi-professional dress environment to a jeans environment.  While this may seem like every person’s dream, it has posed a slight issue for the financially challenged.  How do I dress down my professional pieces for my new workplace without having to buy a ton of clothing?  Sure, I could show up in my fancy skirts and blouses but 1) Who really wants to hear “Why are you all dressed up today” and 2) Come on, it’s a JEANS environment… which. is. awwwwwesoooooome!

Thankfully, I came across this tip from The College Prepster and it has revolutionized and revitalized my wardrobe.  Now I can wear all of my button-down blouses (estimated at 12-15 shirts) with my jeans without looking overly done up.  BONUS!  I can wear my button-downs comfortably in summer.  Woot woot!

What I’m Wearing:
Top – Victoria’s Secret / Jeans – Royal Blue / Belt – Banana Republic / Watch – La Mer Collections (via Rue La La)

I do have to say, above anything, the best part about this tip is that the rolled sleeve doesn’t get too tight or bulky.  It’s comfortable, stylish and super easy.  Give it a try!

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  1. Ahh-so that's how it's done! I've have to remember that! I often wear button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, but I just roll them up any old way! 😛

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