Gilbert Farmers Market :: My Waffle Crush

Doesn’t that just look amazing?!?!?!  This tasty treat was brought to you by My Waffle Crush, a food truck in Gilbert, AZ.  We met today at the Gilbert Farmers Market.  Looking for the perfect 8:00 AM treat, my husband and I decided to give them a try.

Their selection was almost intimidating.  One could either select from 4 waffle concoctions or can build their own.  So much pressure!  Not feeling too hungry, my husband and I ordered the Berry, made of a waffle topped with Biscoff, strawberries and cream.

I was a little nervous about the cream.  It looked like a scoop of ice cream but instead was incredibly light and fluffy.  The waffle was perfectly crisp and I’m not sure what Biscoff is or is made of but man, that really made the dish.  From the outside, the Berry waffle looks incredibly sweet, but in fact, it was just sweet enough.  I was almost sad we only bought one until I realized how filling it was!

I’m definitely a new My Waffle Crush food truck stalker and can’t wait to taste the other options on the menu.  Have you had My Waffle Crush?  What did you think?

Bonus Pic… I just love downtown Gilbert.

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