Tales from the Theatre :: Taking a Deuce?

During my college years, I worked at a popular Broadway-touring theatre. Working over 60 shows and thousands of hours, I naturally collected a few colorful stories that I documented on an old blog. I recently uncovered this blog and am sharing the stories in all their glory here. Like all college students, I was a bit snarkier and self-righteous in those days so be prepared for a different flavor of Jen. Enjoy!


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Discussing #2 with David Sedaris
October 23, 2008

Yes, it’s midnight. And yes, I’m blogging. And yes, I’m doing it from work… at Gammage.

Tonight, the infamous David Sedaris was scheduled to read pieces of his work on the Gammage stage. In true “star-status” style, he came bursting into the Stagedoor “office” (really more of a closet) less than 20 minutes before show time and I was surprised when he didn’t just trot down the stairs to backstage like 90% of the actors who come here.

Instead… he stopped, stared me straight in the face and in quite possibly the most inappropriately loud voice asked me, “Do you know what the expression ‘dropping a deuce’ means?!”

To which I responded, “Of course…”

“Does it really mean to defecate?!” he asked while making a squatting motion and a hand gesture near his rear.

“Yes, it means to take a ‘Number 2’ or a ‘deuce’.”

“That is truly hilarious. Must be an Arizona thing.”

Some witty banter about Arizonans followed, after which he proceeded downstairs to take the stage.

This hilarious interaction has helped me over look the fact that his end of show book signing has kept me at Gammage to this ungodly hour.

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