Pregnancy #2 – Week 15

Baby is the size of… an avocado / canary / multi-tool / eclair

Highlight of the Week… Finally feeling back to normal and exercising consistently. My first trimester was exhausting beyond all belief, including muscle fatigue. The past week or two has seen a shift to having energy again and feeling well enough to get my booty out of bed for light exercise in the morning.

Frustration of the Week… The search is on for a new prenatal vitamin. I’ve been taking the same kind I took while pregnant with Cameron and it’s not doing me any favors this time.

Eating a lot of… Dried mangoes, snack peppers, and chicken salads.

Cute thing the boys did… Jax is as protective of this belly as he was with Cameron… but now he has a cuddly little boy to contend with. At the end of the day, Cameron loves to cuddle up to my side and rest his head on my belly – something Jax used to do. The territory battle is on!

Curiosities… Top question I’ve been asked so far… how far apart will Cameron and Baby 2 be? 16 months. Pray for us.

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