The Rory Gilmore Reading List Challenge


Rory Gilmore is the most well-read person I know. I came out of high school thinking I was a total bookworm and then I met Rory Gilmore and was demoted to book-ish. The number of references made to books in the show Gilmore Girls was way over my head. Granted, yes, I get most of the references because I’m connected to literary pop culture. However, I’ve always really wanted to dive into this world of references.

I’ve decided now is the time to leap in. Buzzfeed has an article listing the 339 books that have been referenced in the Gilmore Girls series. I’ve added the list here and will be ticking off the books as I make my way through them.

To be fair, I haven’t marked off books that I have only seen the movie version of or have only read excerpts. For example, I’ve never read The Canterbury Tales in its entirety. So despite having read a chapter and portrayed it for English in high school, it doesn’t count. Also, I did not mark off books where I don’t remember the major plot points or main characters. That just means that I sped through it and didn’t really absorb myself in that world.

There’s no timeline for this list. Though within the next 5 years would be awesome. Maybe I’ll shoot for that!

2021 – 304 books to go.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Is the list going to be updated with books they reference in the new season on Netflix? I’m going to have to look over this and see how many I’ve read! I’ve never even heard of some of them!

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