San Diego Engagement Photos

In July, we did our engagement shoot with the very talented Jeeheon Cho of True Photography Weddings in downtown San Diego. My fiance and I were super nervous about doing a photo shoot together. We aren’t big on PDA and are more playful than “sultry” or whatever it is the kids are doing in pictures these days. We’re all about having fun and enjoying each other’s company and we wanted the photos to reflect that.

Armed with balloons and naturally cheery dispositions, we bounced around the streets of the Gaslamp District. Our photographer made us feel completely at ease and we actually had a ton of fun. Below are a few select photos of our favorites.

San Diego Engagement Photo 11

San Diego Engagement Photo 08

And last but not least is the goofiest picture in the bunch. As we were doing the cliche “walking” photos, a rocking pedicab drove by. We couldn’t help but bust a move.

San Diego Engagement Photo 02

I can’t wait to marry this guy!

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