Cross Stitch Thread Jar


For the longest time, while cross stitching, I would create a nice little pile of discard threads on my side table that would inevitably get knocked off the table and get lost in my carpet or slide under the couch. Through a cross stitching magazine, I found that many cross-stitchers have a thread jar – literally, an empty jar to gather threads until ready to throw out. So novel and so simple! For the past few months, I’ve used an empty spaghetti sauce jar and it’s been working really well. Until one day, I decided to improve upon it.

I found that I was using my needle minder (magnet put on the cross stitched piece to hold the needle in-use during breaks) to hold spare needles so I can easily move from one color thread to another. I also kept losing my scissors – sneaky buggers. Therefore, in an effort to keep all of my items in one location, I figured the addition of a magnetic strip would simplify my cross stitching life.

I bought 1/2″ sticky-backed magnetic strip off of Amazon. Standard scissors are perfect to for cutting a piece long enough to wrap around the jar.

I add a small strip of E6000 to help with adhering to the jar. A chip bag clamp was sufficient to hold the magnet in place while the glue dried completely.

Now everything stays perfectly in place. No thread floating around, no needles falling off the table and my scissors are always exactly where I left them.

Organization makes me so, so happy!

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