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The Lawrence family LEGO collection is already growing. I’d love to blame it on our son, but really, it’s us. We love putting LEGOs together and they have even become a part of our Christmas traditions.

However, as any parent can tell you, LEGOs come with a little storage problem. Not only do have to find a way to wrangle all those little (evil) bricks, but then there are manuals that you have to hang onto unless you want to have a mental breakdown trying to figure out how everything was originally pieced together.

The manuals were the challenge for us. We kept them in a gallon ziplock bag in the LEGO bucket until one afternoon with a few kids showed us how horrible of an idea that was.

So with a few office supplies, I found another solution!

I had a spare notebook and clear document sleeves sitting in our office. A fancy printable cover, some filing… and TA DA! I have a beautifully organized binder with everything in it.

Psst… you can get your free printable below!

Also, if you’re a LEGO advent calendar family, I have a huge tip for you!

To save advent set designs, I carefully cut out each directions window (excluding the LEGO people, those are pretty obvious) and taped them to a piece of paper. Perfectly stored away for reference!

Want one for yourself? Click, print, and organize!

Get your printable here:

LEGO Manuals Binder Cover

Happy Building!

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