Our Wedding :: Mr. & Mrs. Chair Signs


As cheesy as this sounds, I was unbelievably stoked when I realized we had the perfect set up for “Mr.” and “Mrs.” chair signs. Most table layouts put the bride and groom’s backs to a wall which makes chair signs a little silly.

I have seen some really adorable signs. Wood cut-outs. Chalkboard signs. Even really beautiful floral displays. We opted to stick with the aesthetic of gold lettering but made a few slight mistakes along the way.


I used the same lettering for the signs as I did for the Card Vase. This Cricut script is just too pretty! Remember, you can achieve the same effect with large scrapbooking stickers. Cricut’s are great but there are alternatives.

The wood boards are from Michaels. We stained them with a dark oak finish, drilled holes in the corners, and hung them with ribbon. Great finished product, right?

Here’s how I took a simple project and made it complicated…

First, don’t sand in circles. I don’t know what I was thinking, but sanding in circles creates circular grains that look really silly once stained. I’ve never done this before for other projects but for some reason did it here.

Second, drill the holes before staining! I always get so excited to get started on a project that I go straight to painting or staining without considering alterations first. Ugh. There was slight splintering of the wood that caused re-staining to occur. Oof!

Third, I cut the words out not one, not two, not three… but FOUR times. Why? First, I forget to weld the letters together, so the individual letters were cut out instead of as one piece. For the second and third time, I was not patient with lift the out the excess vinyl. I don’t know what got me so excited and anxious about this project! My head must have been in the clouds! But rushing cost me dearly.

Fourth, I’m not the best at aligning designs in the center of objects. No amount of measuring or double checking can get a design in the center. I think I just might be lopsided. Haha. So, when placed on the boards, the Mr. and Mrs. were horribly off center and crooked. The solution? Add dots! The dots were not part of the original design but the random placement helped draw the eye away from how awkward the Mr. and Mrs. were. Easy enough!

And finally, measure twice, cut once. So much sadly wasted ribbon.

Despite the very silly mistakes, we were pretty happy with the end result. What do you think?


As an unrelated aside, I have to highlight these beautiful toasting champagne glasses we received as a gift. Gold stems with rhinestones at the top. Gorgeous! Truly fit for this champagne loving couple!

Here’s the Mr. and Mrs. Cheers!


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