Our Wedding :: Champagne Bottle Centerpieces and Table Numbers


By far, my favorite project of the entire wedding was our centerpieces / table numbers. In fact, using champagne bottles as the centerpieces was the first decoration idea and decision of the event. My husband and I both love champagne and were more than willing to make the great sacrifice of drinking a bunch for the sake of the wedding. Haha!

With limited materials, these champagne bottle centerpieces were surprisingly inexpensive and easy – once the bubblies wore off, of course. The best part was the majority of bottles used were gifts from our engagement. How’s that for meaningful upcycling?!

The hardest part of the entire process was getting the darn labels off. As you can imagine, the cheaper the bottle, the cheaper the glue. We had some bottles where the label peeled off just beautifully – clean as could be. Others needed to be soaked in hot water, scraped with a credit card (or gift card), rubbed with Goo Gone and then run through the dishwasher. Ugh! Such a pain! Thankfully, my husband has way more patience than I do and he took on this job.


I got to sit on the floor with my Cricut for an afternoon like this. As I stated before with the bar signs and quote signs, you can get this same effect by using large scrapbooking stickers. No need to buy an expensive crafting tool unless you absolutely need to. If that need is a deep, deep desire to have one and you need justification, then yes, you absolutely, 100% need a Cricut to achieve the proper effect for this project.

This project comes to together pretty simply.

  1. Clean bottles and make sure the outsides are dry and free of lint, oils, etc.
  2. Cut out and adhere numbers to outside of bottles.
  3. Insert fairy lights and let battery pack hang out of the neck of the bottle. Here are the lights I used.
  4. Carefully hot glue battery pack to the neck of the bottle with light switch facing UP.
  5. Wrap ribbon around the neck of the bottle to cover battery pack, leaving access to battery pack switch on top.
  6. Using a very sharp knife, carefully cut body of champagne cork off. Also, cut a small notch on the underside of cork top to fit over the wire from the lights to the battery pack. This will allow the cork top to sit flat on top of the bottle.
  7. Using E6000, glue the cork to the top of the bottle. I tried hot glue at first and as you can imagine the corks popped right off! E6000 will make sure the cork properly adheres to the glass.
  8. Turn on and marvel at the glowing magic!


They are so magical!

We made a few extras to use as additional decoration on the head table and cocktail tables as well.


These were my favorite decorations of our wedding day. We even kept one as decoration in our home as a souvenir from our big day.  So worth drinking all that champagne!


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