September Shift

I need a reset.

In a recent conversation with my husband, I realized that I’m overwhelmed by too many emotions lately. The emotional strain has gone beyond all of my typical coping mechanisms. Even worse is until very recently I haven’t been able to tap into my most effective coping mechanism – exercise – due to an injury in my lower back. I’m stress eating. My skin is breaking out. I’m not sleeping well. I’m… guys… I’m a wreck.

Now, I could launch into a list of all the chaotic aspects of my life right now, but that’s not going to help me. I don’t need an inventory of everything going on. I’m pretty sure that will just make me feel worse. What I need is to move forward and shift my perspective.

For the month of September, I’m challenging myself to shift my attitude and energy. My hope is this will help me create and reinforce healthy coping mechanisms so I won’t fall so epically far going forward.

These are some lofty goals, but I’m focused. I’m ready. Here we go:

  1. Make my bed every day
  2. Read 30 minutes every day
  3. Listen to 1 Podcast every day
  4. Complete 30 Day Plank Challenge
  5. 30 minutes of Exercise every day
  6. Gratitude Journal every day
  7. Share the Shift every day

Many of these things I already do but not consistently. However, I feel amazing when I make my bed every morning and listen to a podcast while I’m getting ready for the day. Finding 30 minutes a day to read and exercise really isn’t that hard. I spend way more time than that on Facebook and it’s usually reading things that aren’t helping my situation. So for the month of September, I’m making time for the things that serve me. It’s time for the September Shift.

I’d love for you to join me! I encourage you to create your own list of daily tasks that serve you and share your growing joy. Or you can just follow along with my progress!

I will be using #SeptemberShift on Instagram and Twitter. I will occasionally share posts on the Facebook page and on the blog. Follow along in a way that serves you!

Here’s to getting back to happy and balanced!

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