7 Movies I Can Watch Repeatedly

I was thinking this week about the movies I own and how many of them I’ve watched more than one time. First, yes, I still buy dvds/Blu-rays and digital copies of movies. I like being able to download the movies to watch on planes or popping in a dvd without relying on my internet speeds to enjoy them.

So back to my collection of movies, I’ve seen most of the movies in my collection more than once, but admittedly, there are a number where I worry about how much more abuse the disc can take.  I mean, I once played Mean Girls on repeat for an entire weekend. Yes, an entire weekend. Why? Because it’s funny – that’s why. And this isn’t the only movie I do this with… here are my top 7 movies I can watch repeatedly (in no particular order):

  1. Mean Girls : This Tina Fey production about how horrible girls are to each other is comedy gold and so fetch. It is Lindsay Lohan at her best and one of the few movies where you can hate the villain and still want to be her friend.
  2. Pride and Prejudice : The 2005 version – because I love Kiera Knightley. The music is calming. The characters are like old friends. And this movie always reinspires me to improve my mind by extensive reading.
  3. Blue Crush : If you’ve read my post about taking surf lessons, you know how much I love this movie. It’s campy, cheesy, and a gem from my teen years.
  4. Disney’s Peter Pan : This tale of Neverland and adventure will always be one of my favorites. Everyone has their favorite Disney movie and this one is mine.
  5. Mona Lisa Smile : A sociological film about college women in the 1950’s could only be made powerful by this incredibly talented cast. If you haven’t seen it, you need to. This movie addresses the changing role of women in post-war America by following the paths numerous women choose in their personal, educational, and professional lives. Plus, the soundtrack is amaaaazing. Truly.
  6. Star Wars – Episode VI: Return of the Jedi : Whenever I find myself in need of some galactic adventure, I turn to Episode VI. If you’re not a Star Wars fan, then … it was nice knowing you (I’m kidding). If you are a Star Wars fan, no, I don’t want to debate which movie is the best in the series. Calm down.
  7. Legally Blonde : If ever I need motivation – to workout, to clean the house, to be productive, generally to get through life – Elle Woods gives me a kick of girl power in the pants to take over the world. The character arc of this sparkly and pink woman is so ridiculous yet so inspiring. Talk about beating down impostor syndrome and rising to the challenge! And sometimes I just need reminding that all I require to get through life is passion, courage of conviction, and a strong sense of self. Sigh – thanks, Elle.

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