7 Favorite Halloween Decorations

‘Tis the season to be spooooooky! Over the years, I’ve collected a number of Halloween decorations whether through buying them myself or being passed down from my parents. Opening my large orange bins every year brings me such joy – and not just because they inexplicably smell of stale candy. As I pull out each item, I’m reminded when I got it and begin to dream up its new destiny amongst my home decor. I love this process.

As I sit here admiring all the fun decorations I have, there are a few that hold a special place in my heart. Here are my 7 favorite Halloween Decorations I’ve acquired over the years.

  1. 13 Days of Halloween Countdown Calendar: I made this countdown calendar a number of years ago and it’s still one of my favorite projects and Halloween decorations. You can get all the instructions here.
    13 Days of Halloween Countdown 30
  2. Halloween Cookbook: This lovely creation was made almost ten years ago. I came across this cross stitch pattern and absolutely had to turn it into something beautiful. My Halloween Cookbook houses my recipes for all the creepy tastes and treats for the holiday.
  3. Witch Candle Holder: I’ve had this candle holder for so long that I don’t even remember where I got it (maybe Michaels?) I love the way it glows from the candlelight, casting eerie shadows over the walls.
  4. Lawrence Paint Pen Pumpkin: The newest addition to the decorations collection and I’m in love. I smile every time I walk up to my front door because this pumpkin just turned out too cute. You can find instructions to make your own pumpkin here.
  5. Welcome Foolish Mortals Wreath: I won’t lie. When I pulled this wreath out of its holder I was so proud. So, so, so proud. I dreamed up this wreath for years and I love that it’s finally mine to enjoy.
    Tutorial for Welcome Foolish Mortals Wreath
  6. Jim Shore Brewing Witch: Jim Shore is my favorite figurine designer and I have a number of his Halloween themed pieces. I received this one as a gift and she is just delightful. You can add a similar statuette to your collection through Jim Shore’s online store.
  7. Jolly Green Monster: Last but certainly not least is the Jolly Green Monster. This paper monster has lasted through my childhood and early adulthood to be forever immortalized in our family spellbook scrapbook. He’s always made me smile and I’m so grateful I can preserve him for years to come.

What are your favorite Halloween decorations?

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  1. I can see why these are your favourites. They are really great, particularly the countdown calendar. I like my potion bottles and Halloween dishes.

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