Big Changes

The past few months have been chaos. My husband’s return from deployment in November kicked off a whirlwind of activity and change for us. On top of the regular holiday season (did you see all of our fun Coastal Christmas decor?), we made preparations to move back to our home state of Arizona.

By made preparations, I mean, we had the best realtor ever who arranged for us to see 17 houses in one day on a visit in December. Yes, 17 houses! Thank goodness we did our prework, which involved printing out each listing, making notes on features we liked and had questions about, and also nicknaming each house. By the end of the day, the houses all kind of ran together, but two homes stuck out to us. The first we put a bid on but the owners wanted way more for the home than it was worth. The second we secured the home and we are over the moon that we ended up with this home!


With a pending home purchase on the books, we dove into the holidays full force… only to get a little interruption. Suddenly I was a tired all the time. Very tired and something felt off. Well, just in time for Christmas, we found out I was expecting!

So if you’re keeping track:
We were planning a move to a different state.
We were buying a house.
We were expecting our first child.

To say I was overwhelmed is an understatement but my husband is an amazing partner. We handled all the stress together in stride and before we knew it, we were leaving the beach behind and settling into our new home.

IMG_1589Since the move, my husband has been transitioning to civilian life and taking care of an extensive honey-do list around the house. I’ve been transitioning back to working in the office while figuring out what my body and baby need daily. Since passing the first trimester, I finally feel normal and ambitious to get things done again!

As you can imagine, moving from 600 sqft to 2000 sqft has huge perks for us. I finally have a kitchen I can entertain in again. We have plenty of space for the many projects we want to get done. Oh, and I have craft room! I can’t wait to get crafty with my bad self when all the nesting kicks in.

Also, now that all the news is out in the open, I’ll be happy to share more. Stay tuned for a home tour (there’s a big surprise bonus room that not all houses have) and crafts galore!

Any prenatal tips for me? Please share! I’m taking all the advice I can get!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

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