Pregnancy – 15 Weeks

Week… 15

Baby is the size of… a navel orange

Highlight of the Week… Feeling the first flutter during my company’s International Women’s Day Forum. Boy or girl, I have a little feminist in me!

Frustration of the Week… Large chunks of waking hours in the middle of the night. Almost on cue, I wake up at 12:00 AM and am awake for at least two hours every night. I’ve been trying to eat and read to lull myself back to sleep, but those solutions are inconsistent. Sigh. Thanks, baby.

Eating a lot of… Fruit Snacks and Salads. Finally enjoying healthy foods again!

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… During one of my midnight wakings, hubs woke up too and went downstairs to get me food, only to return with at least 7 different options to eat. He’s the best.

A Tidbit… Jax is super frustrated that our sleeping arrangements have changed and that I get up multiple times during the night. Poor little prince. Haha.

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