How to Store Cricut (and Other) Cutting Mats

As we unpacked in our new house, I realized I have a lot of Cricut cutting mats. They all serve their purpose, but there are quite a few. Storing mats standing on end, especially in areas with high heat or high humidity, can be a dangerous game. Warping is very common for all types of cutting mats so special care should be taken to ensure they are stored properly.

If you’re like me, you don’t have space to keep a bunch of mats safely stored laying flat somewhere. The space simply does not exist and I can’t guarantee everyone in my household will not care to keep them safe, not lay things on them, or avoid tossing them aside.

Luckily… I do have plenty of wall space and you do too.

Outside of my Cricut mats, I also have fabric cutting mats and rulers that need a storage solution. Seriously – these things slip and slide all over the damn place. I needed to wrangle them as well.

That’s when I had a stroke of brilliance. As I was putting away other supplies, I realized the space behind the door to my craft room is grossly underutilized. Think about it… aaaall that wall space. Untouched.

I instantly dug into my box of hanging supplies and pulled out my favorite 3M Command Wire Hooks. These things are the best because the hook doesn’t sit too close to the mount, allowing you to fit an assortment of items over the top of it. They also provide depth. I have 5 of the 12″ x 12″ mats hanging on a hook and there’s still room for more.

(Don’t have 3M hooks? Push pins and nails will achieve the same level of quick organizing solution at minimal cost to you!)

After sorting my mats by size, I set to work hanging my hooks. I purposefully offset the hook locations so I wouldn’t have to work too hard to make everything line up. Honestly, they’re just mats behind a door. Let’s not overthink it. Low maintenance solution and high-value reward. Check out how organized and accessible this is!

So nice to have my mats stored safely in a convenient but underutilized area!

Love the hooks I used? Get them here.


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