Pregnancy – Week 21

Week… 21

Baby is the size of… a Banana

Highlight of the Week… Hubs was finally able to feel the baby kick! We went from flutters to kicks very quickly and baby is quite active, especially at night. One evening, baby was kicking particularly hard and I frantically grabbed hubs’s hand to put on the sweet spot. Within seconds, baby gave him two powerful kicks. The look on his face was…life changing. I’ve known my husband for most of my life and for a brief moment, I could see his face light up with the childish wonder I remember from when we were young. Then, in mere milliseconds, his look flashed to joy, then to pride, and then to pure emotion and it was almost too much to handle. We talk all the time about how excited we are to be parents, but this was one of those rare, magical moments when nothing needed to be said. Truly perfect.

Frustration of the Week… Heartburn has come on with a vengeance! I didn’t realize how different heartburn feels while pregnant. It’s this not-so-pleasant burning sensation with a dash of nausea. So wonderful! Unfortunately, there’s not a single thing that is triggering it. Rather I get waves after every meal. Sooo…

Eating a lot of… Tums… and ice cream – yum yum!

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… (see Highlight… it’s good enough to double dip)

A Tidbit… I have too many ideas for things for baby. I need to schedule a crafty day to make fun things. Is it appropriate to register for Cricut supplies? Hahaha!

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