Earth Day Succulent Gift Tags

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” – Leo Tolstoy

I never miss an Earth Day. While I try to serve the earth as best I can throughout the year, I love having a day dedicated to spreading nature love. What better way to spread a little love than to make succulent gifts for your friends and family?

Why succulents?

Did you know succulents have the same air purifying properties as most houseplants but are way easier to keep alive? Which is good news for any plants that make their way into my home. Between my black thumb and living in the desert, I struggle to find plants I can keep alive – except succulents. These little succ-ers have become my favorite plant companions and I’m sharing the love with everyone this year!

Added bonus – I got to be extra punny with this project! I mean really… life would succ without plants. See what I did there?! Funny, right?! I knew y’all would be on board with this.

You too can make these adorable gifts with my printable gift tags (link below). Keep reading for a few tips on how to make these adorable gifts in under 15 minutes.

We bought medium-sized pregrown succulents and 4″ diameter terracotta pots from Home Depot. The succulent garden pots had enough soil in them that I didn’t need additional potting soil when transplanting to the pots we purchased, which is a huge win for me. Just pull plant out of garden tub, pull off excess unneeded soil, stick in new pot, lightly water. Done!

This is where the real fun comes in – decorating the pot! Some people like to paint pots or decorate them with embellishments. I’m short on time (procrastination – duh!) so I chose teal bakers twine I already owned. Simple and no additional drying time needed.

The tags were as easy as print, cut, hole punch, string. You can print the tags by clicking here. For my medium pots, I shrunk the PDF during printing. That’s just a fancy way to say I changed the printer setting so the tags would print smaller. Need help doing that?

Instructions for Shrinking the Tags: Download the PDF. Click “File” and then “Print”. When the printer settings window pops up, you will have the opportunity to change the page size, rotate the image, etc. You will want to select “Scale:” and change the percentage in the box. For my project, I printed at 70%. Using smaller pots? Make the percentage about 50% – don’t worry. The image will maintain its quality.

All I needed was a small hole punch and my bakers twine to create these adorable pots. The twine was wrapped around the lip of the pot repeatedly and then tied in a knot. After the knot was secure, I strung the tag onto the twine by sticking both ends through the hole, back to front. The tag is kept in place by a small bow tied on the front.

If you want a little more security, I recommend finishing your bow with a small dot of craft glue right on the knot.

And you’re done! Now you can spread the love of Earth Day and remind everyone what life would succ without plants!

Printable “Life would succ without plants” Earth Day Gift Tags

Lawrence Made Earth Day Succulent Tags

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