Pregnancy – Week 22

Week… 22

Baby is the size of… a Spaghetti Squash

Highlight of the Week… I put work in on the nursery this weekend and I’m so happy to see my vision taking shape. With a dresser and bookcase, baby’s room is half furnished. However, funny story about being pregnant, you tend to forget you’re not as physically capable as you used to be. All the bending, reaching, and lifting involved in putting together an IKEA dresser will remind you. Trust me. For two days. Hahaha!

Frustration of the Week… I actually didn’t have one this week! Things are good and peachy!

Eating a lot of… Cutie oranges and seaweed snacks

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… Hubs has done an amazing job of keeping our household on track and normal. Lately, he’s been cooking a lot, taking care of absolutely every errands, and even keeping fresh flowers around me. Most importantly, he’s ensured I get alone time to enjoy it while it lasts. It seems simple but the extra and consistent effort has been sanity saving.

A Tidbit… Baby is finally too big to fit between my hips and has shifted north to a more central location. This also means some organs had to move. And so it begins.

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