7 Words and Phrases I Use Too Often

Happy Sunday! I’ve been on a Real Housewives of New York City binge for the past week, rewatching old episodes that I know oh-so-well. Yes, I’m a Real Housewives fan. A big one. (New York City is my favorite!) As I was watching an episode the other night, I found myself saying, irritated, “Ramona! You say that all the time!” And then I thought, “I wonder if people say that about me.” So I asked my husband and ha! The answer to that question is a resounding yes! Yes, I say certain words and phrases all the time. Some of them I’m self-aware of and others, I had no idea. Regardless, here are 7 words or phrases I use too often…

  1. Blew my mind/Blew their minds – Apparently, there’s a lot of mind-blowing going on around here.
  2. Lose my shit – This one made me laugh really hard. I do say this a lot.
  3. You drive me nuts but I love you. – I say this to my husband daily.
  4. That’s fair. – Apparently, this is how I validate other’s feelings or thoughts, whether I agree with them or not.
  5. Robust – I’ve been using this word in the workplace quite frequently over the past few months. I don’t know where I picked it up but I’m a fan because it indicates the size of work without being dramatic about the effort required.
  6. That’s hilarious. – I need to start using synonyms here. I use “hilarious” in place of absurd, amusing, ridiculous, etc.
  7. Nice. – I picked this up from my husband and it’s used primarily in response to things that are interesting or elicit bits of joy, surprise, excitement.

Now, fess up… what are word or phrases you overuse?

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