Pregnancy – Week 23

Week… 23

Baby is the size of… a Papaya

Highlight of the Week… Our dog Jax loves cuddling with my belly. We’re convinced he can hear the heartbeat and he must find it comforting because I caught him snuggled right up against where baby was located in the middle of the night. My husband even captured this sweet picture of Jax with me on the couch the other night. Check out the end of the post to see it.

Frustration of the Week… I’m starting to really miss running. My ligaments are ridiculously loose and it’s been too much time off to justify the risk of trying to run again. Thankfully, it’s hot enough to substitute with swimming. Kicking around in the pool isn’t quite as fun for me as pounding pavement but at least it’s much, much cooler.

Eating a lot of… Otter pops… it’s hot here.

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… Hubs did lots of research with me this week for the projects we want to finish before baby gets here, including the nursery. I love his enthusiasm for all the creative things in our life.

A Tidbit… We had our check-up this week and everything looks great! As luck would have it, the time we remember to record the heartbeat baby decided to show off its acrobatics for our doctor. Through the recording you can hear the heartbeat and then the swoosh-swoosh of baby moving around. Hilarious!

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