7 Travel Necessities

No matter how organized I try to be, packing for travel turns into a mad dash around the house to gather everything I think I will need. For years, I’ve used Knock Knock’s Pack This notepad to organize my thoughts around what I absolutely need to bring. We all know that vacation calls for very different packing than a work trip and then there’s always weather to be considered. So much going on in the brain! Thankfully, I do have travel necessities that come with me on every trip. No searching and digging for these. They are always together in a basket in my closet because I absolutely cannot travel without them. Here’s what comes on every adventure.

  1. Dot & Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow – A former boss who traveled weekly gifted this pillow to me with the promise that I’ll never travel without it again. As always, she was right! The pillow is made of comfortable memory foam and has a center spine that can be molded to fit in multiple positions, from the traditional neck pillow position to being wrapped around the shoulder. I also use it for lumber support when my back starts to get achy. Like many pillows, the cover is also easily removed for washing.
  2. Wet Bags – Bathing suits, workout clothes, stinky kid clothes. These bags can handle it all. They protect your belongings by keeping all the moisture and offending smells in the bag. They are also the perfect size for muddy or smelly shoes! Washable? You bet.
  3. Travel Cord Organizer – The age of electronics is littered with cords that need managing. Cell phones, digital watches, portable batteries. It adds up quickly. Enter the travel cord organizer. Tip: I keep spare cords in my travel organizer for my cell phone and Apple Watch, plus a portable battery and don’t take them out when I’m home. When I’m packing for travel, I just have to grab my organizer and I know I have everything I need without having to collect cords from around the house. Huge sanity saver!
  4. Journal – Inevitably, I want to write when I travel. I’ll jot down thoughts while listening to podcasts. I’ll hear a tip or recommendation and will want to save it. The desire to capture a memory simply because it strikes me I should. Sure, I could type it into a note-keeping app on my phone, but there’s something about writing it down in a journal that I love.
  5. Collapsible Compact Umbrella – Many years ago, I bought a collapsible compact umbrella for a backpacking trip through Europe and I’ve owned one ever since. We don’t have much use for umbrellas in Arizona, but when I travel, I never know when the need is going to arise. Thankfully, this one is small and light enough to keep in a purse without feeling like I’m lugging around extra stuff.
  6. Packing Cubes – We’ve all heard the tips – roll your clothes and you’ll fit more in your luggage. But I hate how disorganized my luggage can get with rolled clothing, so I also put them in packing cubes. They also come in handy when my husband and I are packing in the same luggage to keep our clothing separate.
    Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 6.23.33 PM.png
  7. Travel Jewelry Organizer – This girl loves to accessorize but also despises twisted necklaces and losing earrings. This organizer is slim but has enough pockets to keep jewelry separate and secure. It also has a hanger for easy display in your hotel or guest room.

What makes your list of must-haves when traveling?

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