10 Fun-ish Facts

For the record, writing a post about “ten fun facts about me” is basically the most stressful thing because it’s open ended. I also feel the pressure to make them truly “fun” and not just fact-facts.

So let’s dive in (ahem, get this over with, haha!)

  1. In college, I worked for a NASA Program called Mars Education at the Mars Space Flight Facility at Arizona State University. I created education materials that were distributed world-wide and helped with elementary programming for local schools. My two claims to fame are identifying a physics formula error in the education workbook what was put together by a NASA engineer and receiving a mission pin while working there due to the work the facility was doing during the Mars rover launches.
  2. Cross stitch became a way for me to manage my stress and anxiety in college that has carried on into adulthood. The careful, deliberate steps that build a beautiful piece of artwork is both meditative and satisfying for me. I love it so much that…
  3. I have an Etsy shop full of cross stitch patterns. I originally would create fun, simple 5” x 5” designs but then developed a Disney-inspired framework and all hell broke loose. Haha!
  4. One thing I absolutely despise is ordering food over the phone or at a drive-thru. I get easily irritated by having to repeat myself and these two instances are when I have to do it the most. For this reason, I’ll skip the drive-thru (probably a blessing in disguise) or have Hank drive to avoid it.
  5. My favorite area of Disneyland is New Orleans Square. The combination of the architecture, music, and colors has always drawn me to that corner of the park, especially at Christmas time.
  6. I work really hard to be in the moment. A lot of people see me as a constant planner and always thinking ahead, which I am. However, I focus so much energy on the front end so that I can truly engage with whatever I’m doing at the present moment. For instance, I’ll plan out a trip’s meals or activities so I don’t get distracted by “what are we going to do next.” A plan actually releases me from stress. A little bit of structure allows for spontaneity and engagement.
  7. Speaking of how people perceive me, I’ve been called a perfectionist a time or two (or a million) but have never related to that word. I simply have a high standard of quality, but that high standard is not crippling. I know when it’s time to let things be “good enough” and I truly embrace iterations.
  8. I don’t let things bother me for very long. I can be easily irritated in the moment but unless I address it with someone directly, chances are it didn’t really get to me. I move on pretty quickly from annoyances because I know at the end of the day it doesn’t truly matter.
  9. There are only two things I’ve ever actually “collected” – in the sense of sought out every piece to complete the collection. Both are Disney related. The first were the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland’s pressed penny collection. They released 50 Magical Moments as pressed pennies and the machines were scattered all over the parks and hotels. I even got a free pass to California Adventure to complete it because the representative at City Hall hadn’t seen anyone get them all and wanted to help me out. The second are the Minnie’s Main Attraction Mugs from 2020. Each mug has a giant Minnie bow and is themed after a different Disneyland attraction. I’m obsessed with them.
  10. Though I don’t blog about it often, crafting is still a huge piece of my life. I love having the opportunity to create things… but that’s just the thing, I wait until the opportunity comes up. One of the painful things about the craft blogging community is you have to churn out content, so you end up making projects you don’t want or would never make except they’re “on trend.” Instead I craft when I feel like it, usually something for the boys or for a special event.

Phew – made it!

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