7 Scents I Love

One of my greatest pleasures in life is filling my home with beautiful scents. Whether using candles, wax melts, or flowers, I always have some smell wafting through the air. My tastes change with the seasons. Spring/Summer are more floral/tropical. Fall/Winter are more woodsy. However, seven scents consistently catch my attention and affection.

  1. Eucalyptus : Perhaps this is because I grew up with eucalyptus trees in my backyard, but I love the cleanliness of aromatic eucalyptus.
  2. Balsam Fir : While I prefer a real Christmas tree, a balsam fir candle is an excellent substitute to fill your house with holiday cheer.
  3. Sandalwood : Sandalwood is my go-to to bring a woodsy smell into my house. Also, this is my preferred scent for meditation.
  4. Bergamot : The citrus spice of bergamot makes it blend well with other scents. Most of my favorite blended scents contain bergamot.
  5. Coconut : There is such a thing as too much coconut but a light touch is ideal to bring on the summer vibes.
  6. Plumeria : My favorite floral smell. I love the diversity of plumeria’s scents and that it reminds me of Hawaii.
  7. Rosemary : Not only do I love to cook with rosemary, I’m obsessed with the smell. I keep a rosemary tree in my house during the holidays and you will catch me rubbing my hands on the leaves of a bush when I walk by. I’m absolutely in love.

What are your favorites?

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