Pregnancy – Week 36

Week… 36

Baby is the size of… a large Cantaloupe

Highlight of the Week… The physical relief from my pain management schedule. Don’t misunderstand – the pain is still there. BUT my chiropractor and my physical therapist have both been able to give me relief to make the pain more manageable. As a result, I’m sleeping better and able to power through my half days at work.

Frustration of the Week… Not knowing if I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions or just in pain. Haha! This was actually pretty funny. I had a bout of false labor, and it took a few contractions to realize that it wasn’t my standard discomfort and was actually the fake-real deal. Once I figured it out, honestly, I thought the contractions were pretty cool. Like the rest of pregnancy, it’s crazy how your body just does what it wants and needs to. However, I’m now in a perpetual state of “Is that just my pain? Or is this a contraction?” Hahaha!

Eating a lot of… Ice cream. The weather has been off the charts here so I’ve been indulging in delicious cold treats.

Cute Thing Hubby Did This Week… Hubs has been an enthusiastic helper at home when it comes to my pain and discomfort. After seeing his frustration come out last week, I asked the chiropractor and physical therapist to give me exercises and stretches at home that my hubs can help with. Both gave me a really good list and it’s actually been a fun bonding experience for us to work together at home.

A Tidbit… Having a pain management plan has been a game changer for my mental situation. I’m also getting much better honoring my physical limitations, which I’m pretty proud of given how stubborn I am.

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