Pregnancy #2 – Week 21

Baby is the size of… a baby bok choy, least weasel, baseball hat, large brioche a tete

Highlight of the Week… Baby is kicking like crazy! While Hank still can’t feel the kicks on the outside, I can feel activity most of baby’s waking time. This is my favorite part of pregnancy so I’m doing my best to enjoy every moment.

Frustration of the Week… Have I complained about insomnia yet? Ha! The lack of sleep is making me loopy some days and irreversibly groggy the next. Thankfully, I can adjust my work hours to take naps.

Cute thing the boys did… Jax is upset with me for being pregnant and it’s kind of funny. I don’t know what’s gotten into him this week but he doesn’t really want to cuddle with me or my belly. He’ll get close to the belly and then walk away. So testy!

Curiosities… We’ve started taking inventory of baby supplies and planning how we’re going to add a second child to our household both as a newborn and beyond. Yes, we have plenty of time, but it’s fun to think about what we’ll do – will they share a room? For how long? Which room will they be in? Any perspective on kids sharing rooms? I’d love to hear what people have done, especially with young ones so close in age.

2 thoughts

  1. If you have enough bedrooms, definitely don’t let the kids share rooms until they are older. We moved Isla into Georgia’s room when they were 4 and 7, there’s been some fighting but it’s okay. Otherwise I think sleep schedules get too difficult. Isla (now almost 6) will still want to wake up Winston (18 months) and it makes me a little nuts but at least Win has his own room and we can shut the door.

    1. Our thinking is since they will only be 16 months apart, they’ll be on similar sleep schedules by the end of the first year for Baby 2. What do you think?

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