Pregnancy #2 – Week 23

Baby is the size of… a bunch of grapes, chinchilla, Barbie doll, buche de noel

Highlight of the Week… We got another peek at Baby this week through an ultrasound. During all the kicking and punching, Baby decided to give us a nice little peace sign, which totally cracked us up. Check it out below!

Frustration of the Week… It’s still so damn hot outside and I would love to get outside and walk. Working from home has a lot of pluses but I’m walking a lot less and I can feel it all throughout my belly. Time to start incorporating walks… if only it would cool down!

Cute thing the boys did… Cam gave my belly a kiss this week. I’m pretty sure he thinks I just have a big, soft belly, but like I’ve said previously – I’ll take it!

Curiosities… You know what’s super fun?! I finally found Tall size maternity pants!!! Bring on the cooler weather!

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