Pregnancy #2 – Week 24

Baby is the size of… a garden eggplant, Atlantic puffin, GI Joe, demi-baguette

Highlight of the Week… This week has been really good physically. Just a small bit of swelling and loooots of movements from Baby. Baby is finally strong/big enough to hit through all the layers, so Hank got to feel a few kicks!

Frustration of the Week… Heartburn is increasingly becoming a pain so I’m jumping back on the Zantac train. I’ve been holding out as long as possible by using non-medicinal cures but I was woken up twice this week by a bout of heartburn. Time to call in reinforcements.

Cute thing the boys did… Jax is hyperaware of my belly and is really good about not jumping on it, which had been a very welcomed change.

Curiosities… I realized this week that my pregnancies feel veeery similar to each other. I have all the same symptoms that I had with Cameron just at different degrees and the experience feels about the same all around. Maybe it’s because they are so close together or maybe this is just the way my body does pregnancy. Who knows! Just thought it was interesting.

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