Pregnancy #2 – Week 33

Baby is the size of… a savoy cabbage, ferret, junior tennis racket, pain d’epi, Windows 95 box

Highlight of the Week… We had the growth ultrasound this week, which you know we love. Baby was the opposite of helpful when it came to cute pictures. Facing head down with their feet by their ears, Baby is firmly planted between my hips. I’ve had difficulty walking and getting comfortable lately, so this explains a lot. Baby is super tall and skinny, clocking in at an estimated 4 lb 9 oz, putting them on track to be between 8-9 lbs at birth.

The best photo from the ultrasound we could get is below. Baby had a leg/foot covering the left side of the face and a hand/arm covering the right, so we only got a little peek at the nose and mouth. Judging by a few other live images, we think baby has my chin and nose.

Frustration of the Week… General discomfort. As mentioned, Baby’s position hasn’t been the most comfortable this past week. Rolling and jabs are normal but lately it feels like a game of pinball between my hip ligaments. Occasionally, I’ll lose quality mobility in my left leg. Generally my weaker side as it is, the added pressure from Baby requires extra effort just to lift and move my leg.

Cute thing the boys did… A cute moment for you… see the picture below. Cam cuddled up to my belly and Baby completely shifted AWAY from Cam’s head… but then proceeded to kick/punch Cam’s head as well… so sibling rivalry has already begun.

Curiosities… I’ve been taking Zantac to finish off a bottle I’ve had since my last pregnancy. I ran out and since Zantac is on recall right now, switched to Prilosec. Holy cow! What a difference! Heartburn rarely and barely shows up and I only have to take one pill a day. So nice!

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