Pregnancy #2 – Week 32

Baby is the size of… a Florida pomelo, naked-tailed armadillo, Scooter board (um…that seems a bit large), croquembouche, Polly Pocket Adventure Playset

Highlight of the Week… This was a good week! Baby is incredibly active and keeps entertaining me with their movements. The other day Baby was moving so much while I was in the bath tub that the water was sloshing around! While some of the movements can be uncomfortable, most of the time they are fascinating and entertaining.

Frustration of the Week… Braxton Hicks contractions have popped up and have caught me a bit off guard. They come in infrequent batches and feel very different than they did with Cameron. Now with the absence of pain in my back, they feel less sharp but just as intense. They’re a pain and essentially pointless – but also super cool when the body just starts doing whatever it feels like doing.

Cute thing the boys did… Cameron is very into seeing my belly – as in pulling up my shirt and seeing my belly. He’s even started playing with my belly button, which is a bit weird, but we’re enjoying watching him process that my belly is “different”. (The super vain side of me appreciates that my child knows that this is not normal for Mommy. Hahaha!) He pats my belly a lot and is becoming more considerate when it comes to climbing over me and not crushing it.

Curiosities… The belly is so heavy and off the front of my body that wearing a belly band is absolutely necessary. When I stand, the top of my belly and abs pull downward, making it feel like someone is pushing down on my belly. Ugh! I’m grateful I invested in a good belly band last year and I’m able to get the support I need right away.

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