Pregnancy #2 – Week 35

Baby is the size of… a bunch of carrots (especially if you accidentally order the 5 lb bag from Amazon Fresh), mini lop rabbit, kid’s backpack, 2 clafoutis, a moderately successful game of Jenga

Highlight of the Week… Everything looks good and baby is super healthy. We had a check-up appointment this week and the doctor is really happy with how everything progressing. Also, we found out that I don’t have to go to the doctor every week with this one… which we thought was quite interesting… check out the curiosities section below.

Frustration of the Week… All the belly stretching. My c-section scar is super itchy from being stretched and my hips/pelvic area are constantly sore, but that comes with the territory.

Cute thing the boys did… Guys… Hank has to help me put my shoes on. HAHAHA! I didn’t have this with Cam because 1) flip flops were weather appropriate and 2) Cam was so positioned above my hips, so I could still bend over. Hank has been so helpful, but we’ve stuck to boots to make it easy on both of us.

Curiosities… Alright… a few things we found out this week with the help of our doctor and friends that we hadn’t really considered but make a huge amount of sense.

  1. Due to having a planned c-section, we don’t have to go in for a weekly check-up so gauge the progress. It hadn’t occurred to me that the c-section would make a difference to the appointment cadence but it totally makes sense! Even if baby comes early, we’re still moving forward with a c-section due to the short time span between the babies, so the progression checks aren’t necessary (though I can ask for them.)
  2. While my symptoms have been consistent with my pregnancy with Cameron, the end of this journey feels totally different physically. Cameron was never head down, so I didn’t have the stress and soreness through my hips, lower abs, and pelvis. Also, the Braxton Hicks contractions feel entirely different as they move around the baby’s position. All new sensations!

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