Pregnancy #2 – Week 38

Baby is the size of… a spaghetti squash, pomeranian, ukelele, 1/2 baking sheet of meringues, a Speak and Spell

Highlight of the Week… We’ve officially made it into the new year with baby! We had our pre-op appointment with the doctor this week to ensure we were all ready for the c-section next week. We are very ready to go! Sadly, at the time of this post, I hadn’t reached the 200 lb mark yet. Haha!

Frustration of the Week… The pain my low back has come back in the most unwelcome way. The leading theory is that the relaxin has loosened up all the joints and tension that has supported my back up to this point. Thank goodness it’s come this late in the game and the pain will be short lived.

Cute thing the boys did… The picture below says it all. Cam is going to be super disappointed when his pillow goes away.

Curiosities… I’m much less bloated with this baby than I was with Cameron – which I think can be equally attributed to it being winter and being able to relax at home all day. The nice thing is that I can comfortably wear socks and I was legitimately worried about that because I hate having cold toes. Haha!

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