Pregnancy #2 – Week 37

Baby is the size of… a honeydew melon, striped skunk, tackle box, tray of madelines, a Doc Marten shoe

Highlight of the Week… We had a doctor’s appointment to check on baby. I requested a check on the progress out of pure curiosity since baby seems to be super low. At the time, I measured 50% effaced but with no dilation. My doctor was able to confirm that baby is quite low, which explains the pressure I’m feeling between my hips. Now, I just need baby to hang in there until at least January 2 because my doctor is on vacation until then. Fingers crossed!

Frustration of the Week… I’m actually feeling quite well this week. Staying home for the holidays allowed me to truly relax and put my comfort first. My ankles even stopped swelling! At this point, I just have general discomfort from baby moving around so much.

Cute thing the boys did… “Let’s not cook for Christmas. Let’s order Chinese.” I don’t know if Hank has ever said anything so glorious to me in our entire marriage.

Curiosities… We’re impatiently awaiting the doctor’s appointment where I break 200 lbs. Haha! With Cameron, I gained 50 lbs (yes, you read that correctly) and broke 200 lbs between weeks 37 and 38 – so we’ll see when it happens for this little one. Why the obsession? We simply think it’s funny. Given how much we focus on fitness and nutrition in our daily lives and despite having a fairly healthy pregnancy diet, putting on weight like this is unexpected and therefore, pretty comical. Apparently, it’s just what my body does!

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