Giving You Tens

Today’s Blogging Challenge prompt is 10 Likes and Dislikes – so BUCKLE UP! This is going to get weird!

  1. Like: The de-thawing feeling in the body when you go from a well-air conditioned place out into the hot summer air.
  2. Dislike: When people listen to videos in public with sound.
  3. Like: The Big Bang Theory – it’s the best friend ensemble show ever. Don’t try to fight me on this.
  4. Dislike: Doing dishes. I find it to be one of the most annoying chores.
  5. Like: Eating popcorn and drinking champagne while watching movies. It feels like quite a treat.
  6. Dislike: Going to movie theaters. I understand the big screen thing. I don’t understand the watching a movie with a bunch of strangers and not being able to pause the movie thing.
  7. Like: Anything to celebrate – holidays, birthdays, made up holidays.
  8. Dislike: People telling me how I feel, what I need, or what I meant. It’s remarkably arrogant and dismissive to invalidate the way someone feels or what they’ve said by overriding it with your own beliefs.
  9. Like: Reformer pilates – I’m actually surprised by how much I enjoy this exercise.
  10. Dislike: Unnecessary sounds or movements. Too much noise or too much movement actually grates on me.
  11. Like: The sound of my boys laughing (this is more of a love)
  12. Dislike: Clowns.
  13. Like: Playing board and card games, but…
  14. Dislike: …overly competitive people. It’s just a freaking game. Chill.
  15. Like: Hosting and cooking for people I love. Gathering to simply be together is one of the best things in the world.
  16. Dislike: Being accused of something. I feel like too many people lack the ability to ask and not accuse.
  17. Like: Deep, meaningful conversations. I will be the first person to dig into your childhood, ask how you feel about “sensitive” topics, etc. I want to understand and empathize with my friends.
  18. Dislike: Lack of growth. I tend to separate myself from people who don’t think they should have to or can grow. That’s literally the point of life.
  19. Like: The sunrise. It’s so beautiful and hopeful.
  20. Dislike: The constant state of change… only because I’m incredibly sentimental and therefore, I get deeply sad when I have to leave a phase of life behind (no matter how exciting the next phase is.)

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