Ten Years into the Future

Where would you like to be in ten years?

Context matters here: In ten years, I’ll be in my mid-40s. The boys will be in high school. And all good things aligning, I’ll be almost 15 years into running my business.

The simplest way to put this is I would love to have a life that fulfills everything we want for ourselves and our boys. For Hank to have a job that he’s passionate about and gives him a sense of purpose and self-accomplishment. For each of the boys to be coming into their own personalities and desires. The high school years are critical and I hope they can be comfortable with coming into their own.

For me? In ten years, I would like

  • … my business to give me a sense of purpose while also giving me the freedom to be present for my family. Being more selective about the projects I take on and the people I work with while also producing valuable content and resources for people to use.
  • … my health to be in tip-top shape. I would love to continue down this path of improving my nutrition, challenging myself in exercise, and meditating daily.
  • … my hobbies to be plentiful and fulfilling. I don’t think it’s any secret that I love a great many things – reading, cross stitching, pretending to know how to garden. Ideally, I would have more time to do more of these things.
  • … my calendar to be filled with travel with family and friends. I want to see so much more of the world but want to take the people I love along with me.
  • … my finances to be beyond “secure and stable.” By ten years time, I would love for us to be in a financial position to make decisions based on necessity and desire and less on what we can afford. Money grants access (not freedom) and I want us to have access to whatever we may need or want.
  • … my home to be renovated. Or to be in a new home. There’s so much we’d like to change about this house that can easily be address in ten years’ time… or with a whole new abode. Ha!
  • …. my home to be filled with my boys and their friends, being loud, eating our food, taking up our space. I want the boys to love being home and proud to bring their friend here.

This all feels very basic but in this time frame, we’ll be in critical years with the boys and so I have no delusions about what our day-to-day life will require of us. Adventures interspersed with obligations. But a very, very happy day-to-day.

What do you see for yourself in ten years?

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