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Your day – in great detail

Well, today was a bit off the rails, so instead of recounting how today was, I’m going to write about how my days usually go.

Let’s start around 4:15 am when Cameron and Tyler decide it’s time to crawl into bed with us….

4:15 am: I move to the very edge of my king-size bed to accommodate my two kids taking over the middle of the bed. Tyler fights with Cameron over who gets to cuddle with mommy. Jax will growl because one of the boys has moderately encroached on his territory. Hank will roll over and sleep through it all. I, on the other hand, will do my best to fall back asleep before my alarm goes off at…

5:15 am: My alarm goes off. I gently unwrap myself from whichever child won the “sleep with mommy” contest and sneak into my closet to get dressed for pilates. I get ready to leave and am out the door in time to enjoy the crisp morning air… or humid summer air, whichever.

5:50 am: A creature of habit, I always use the exact same reformer at pilates. I can’t help myself. The next hour is one of the most challenging but calming of my entire day.

6:50 am: Return home to finish breakfast with the boys, who have been dressed and prepped for their day by my wonderful husband, and send them off to school.

7:15 am: After the boys leave for school, I water the plants and straighten up the house before taking a shower and getting ready for my day.

8:00 am: Working from home for myself, I have a super short commute from my bedroom to my desk. The first thing I do is open my Headspace app and do a breathing exercise. Then I open up my ClickUp dashboard to check the tasks on deck for the day (ClickUp is the best.) Once I’ve sufficiently freaked myself out, I open my Google Docs to do at least 15 minutes of writing for my business. I know… this is all fascinating…. buckle up.

9:00 am: This is the time of day when I really hit the wild and crazy activities of taking care of my clients. I’m being sarcastic obviously. My day is filled with a lot of emailing, fixing systems, calls about said emails and systems. I really love what I do but it’s super boring to talk about, so I won’t.

11:30 am: I’m usually starving by this time so I make myself lunch. It’s super important for me to disengage from my work so I spend my lunch time doing a 5-minute meditation with Headspace and 10-minute French practice with Duolingo.

12:00 pm: And then I get back into working. By the afternoon, I’m getting pretty burnt out, especially if I’ve been talking to people all morning. I try to keep my afternoons for lighter, less complex work, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Oh, I failed to mention that I always have something on the tv in background. Recently, it’s been watching the Big Bang Theory for the millionth time.

4:00 pm: I log out of all my stuff and update my ClickUp. I mark things off that I accomplished, change the due date for things that I didn’t, and update my capacity tracker (how I track the number of clients I have.) Then I gather up my 8 different cups, bowls, cloth napkin, and other junk that has accumulated on my desk during the day and take it downstairs to the kitchen.

4:30 pm: I pick up the boys from school. But first, I stop by the front desk to chat with the staff because they are super nice and make me laugh. Then I grab Tyler, who always gets overwhelmed by emotion and starts crying when he sees me. Together, we get Cameron who is usually doing something he’s not supposed to be doing and is both surprised to be caught by me but also excited to see me. It takes about 15 minutes to make the walk down the hallway and out the front door of the school because the boys have to touch everything, talk to everyone, start a wrestling match, and yell at the fish tank. Somehow I get them in the car and we head home.

5:00 pm: We get settled in for the evening. I put something on the tv for the boys and get them a snack. Yup, I plop kids in front of a tv because after almost 10 hours at school, they deserve to just relax. Then, I make dinner for them – usually in the toaster oven because it’s pretty much the best appliance ever (thanks to Hank’s parents.)

6:00 pm: Hank gets home and it turns into a madhouse. To be clear, not because of Hank, but because the kids think Hank is the greatest thing on the planet and therefore, get super fired up. I usually last through sitting down to dinner together at the table and after that I need to be alone. So Hank entertains the boys for the rest of the night while I retreat upstairs.

6:45 pm: Relaxation time! Either taking a nice long hot bath or reading in my room, enjoying the quiet solitude for about 15 minutes before the boys come up for Tub n Tuck-In. Bath, jammies, reading, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” 18 times, and being smothered in kisses from my boys.

7:45 pm: Thus begins the nighttime routine. Wash face, read, write in my journal, pillow talk with Hank. We’re usually asleep in an hour or so because we’re so wiped out and know that at some point in the night one of the boys will wake us up and we’ll start all over again.

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