Down the Rabbit Hole

What is one thing you are endlessly interested in?

When preparing to write this post, I asked my husband, “How would you answer this question for me? What am I endlessly interested in?” His response was, “Everything.”

Truthfully, that’s fairly accurate. I never really saw myself as curious because I’m not inquisitive. However, whenever I want to know something, I dive right in to begin researching.

But, while my husband’s response is on-point, there is one thing that I’m endlessly and tirelessly interested in…

How things work.

Whether it’s a machine, a system, or a process, I’m always curious about how things work. How do things get made? How do people carry out their jobs? What is the process?

I recently went down this rabbit hole when wondering about how the cosplay world works. How do they pick their characters? How do they make their costumes? Do they get paid? Do they have sponsors or endorsement deals? What do those look like? What is the reputation and presence upkeep? Seriously… it’s a deep hole when I jump in. I want to know EVERYTHING about it.

I’m like this with all types of topics and it makes me pretty much the worst person to go to a museum with (or the best, depending on what you’re looking for) because I’ll stop and read every single placard and want to know everything about all the things. Shows like How It’s Made and behind-the-scenes documentaries such as The Imagineering Story were made for someone like me.

Am I alone in this? Haha! Let me know below what you’re endlessly interested in!

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